You are welcome to our internet shop. Taking orders for flowers 24H.


Delivery cost in Tallinn is ; vicinity of Tallinn(10 km) - 10€

Flowers are generally delivered on working days anytime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the suturday and sunday


If you want do delivery  after 18.00 , you must do order befor 48H and select Express delivery (12 Euro) or contact with us.

We can deliver the flowers any time 24H upon your request.

Orders placed after 6 pm are delivered the next day.

1. Delivery:

Must give us recipient's phone number so we could call him and deliver the order at convenient time for the recipient. If you did not give a phone number, but gave us only the address and time of delivery, then if the recipient is not on place at the delivery time, we have right to:

1. inform the sender that recipient is not on place

2. leave the order to the neighbors, if there is no neighbor, then flowerd will be returned to the place of order.

3. If you gave us the recipient's phone number, the order may be repeated several hours later.


Fulfillment of an order may be delayed because of: partial / incorrect address or phone number. To avoid delays, ensure in the accuracy and completeness of the data you provide.


The company does not bear responsibility in case, 1. If you gave us an incorrect or nonexistent address or telephone number, if the recipient does not live at this address, if the phone number has changed, and the order can not be fulfilled.

2. If the address you gave us is outside the city, and the payment was made for delivery in the city, you will be notified about this, and you will be asked to pay in addition, in case of refusal the order will be delivered, but at the expense of the cost of the order. 


2. Return of goods :

In accordance with § 53 lg 4.2  of Consumer Protection Board Regulation from 26.04.12 nr 1-1/12-019  perishable goods, such as flowers,  are not subject to 14-day refund.


3. Order making:

For the correct ordering is necessary:


1. Choose  the item you liked.

2. Tell us about your choice on the e-mail: or by phone: 3726556144. Must include: name, phone, e-mail and address of the sender (this information is confidential) as well as name, country, city, address, and telephone number of the recipient.

3. Cost of the delivery is added to the cost of the order, depending on the address location of the recipient.

4. If you order card - this is the only information for the recipient, if there is no card, then the client-sender is anonymous.

5. Be very careful when sending recipient's and sender's data, of your accuracy will depend the quickness of order fulfillment.

6. In case of transfering money through foreign bank the transfer can take up to 3-7 working days, so when making the order keep in mind the time difference in receiving money from you and the delivery date of order. When we get the payment, we will send you on your e-mail the notification. If we will need to clarified something, we will contact you by email or by telephone.

7. If at the time of your order we will not have the desired product, then we will notify you and offer something to change (for example: color). If you will not be  satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order.

8. If you want to cancel your order, you can do it not later than 1 day before the order fulfillment. If your refusal will come later, then it will be not possible to cancel the order. It is also not possible to make the refusal in the case of a special order, which does not refer to regular orders from our webpage. Since this product is specifically ordered for you, which is implemented on a prepaid basis and the remaining sum is paid 3 days before to the order fulfillment. In case of refusal, prepaid sum is not returned.

 Our company is responsible for card transactions and goods sold on the website

All customer and order data that is in the ordering environment is handled as confidential information. Merchant is not sharing any of the data to third party.

All Visa and Mastercard payments are made through 3D secure, which means that payments are made in a secure environent and card data is encrypted.
Merchant has no access to confidential bank card information.

NB! Products may be out of stock at the moment of a short-time order confirmation.
In this case the florist can use different flowers, but colors and the concept of the bouquet will be the same.